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Many sub-parts and components of consumer products must have leakproof property for the safety of consumers and the functional operation of the products. Fluids coming out of the part or entering the part can put the health of consumers at risk. Fluids that come into contact with the electronic components of the products cause risks such as electric shock. The leak tests of the products produced in high quantities should not compromise on accuracy, besides having a fast cycle time.
Leak test is a non-destructive testing method (NDT) that can be applied to all products that come off your production line, leaving no room for errors. With ADLEMA BT4000 Series Leak Testing Machines, you can perform leak tests in line with your production needs.

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Case Study

Static and Dynamic Condenser Leak Test
It is possible to perform the leak tests of the condensers used in the household appliances industry by the pressure decay method. However, since it is a product that is subjected to temperature changes, a more precise test is required to perform the leak tests correctly compared to different products of similar volume. It is also necessary to take into account the effect of temperature change on pressure, which is explained by the ideal gas equation. For this reason, it is necessary to use a sample as a reference in the tests of products designed to transmit heat, such as condensers. In this way, the products’ leak tests are…