Additional Products

Leak Jets

Adlema leak jets are used for daily inspection of your leak testing device and installed system by plugging into the port on the device. It allows you to use your system reliably by turning your approved product into a slightly leaking sample. The leak rate is produced according to the standards and sectoral norms. Leak jets are delivered with an additional calibration certificate upon request.

Barcode Printer & Reader

Barcode printers work in integration with test devices to produce a label for each test result, in order to stick barcodes containing parameters such as product serial number, batch number, date, test pressure, test time, amount of leakage, APPROVEDL/REJECTED on the tested products. By integrating barcode readers into the test device, it provides the opportunity to perform retrospective control by associating the test parameters and serial numbers of the product with the tests.

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Laser Marking System

The laser marking system provides the opportunity to write the test results on the products.

External Control Panel

Working with Adlema BT4000 and Adlema BT1000 Series Leak Testing Devices, external control panels are designed for operators to use during semi-automatic leak tests. It provides an extra measure of work safety through its two-button start system.

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