Adlema, which offers various solutions for the leak tests required for the defense industry, creates value together with the defense industry companies such as Aselsan Precision Optics and Tubitak Sage. Contact us for your needs and to learn about our solutions and applications.

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The use of leak tests is an important quality control method in an industry such as the defense industry, where high-tech products are used to operate in the most demanding circumstances. Every manufactured part is designed to work for longer periods of time in tougher conditions. Products need to maintain their physical properties in these tough conditions (leakproof property, IP67, hermetic property, etc.). Unexpected errors that occur in the field may cause fatal consequences. Hermetic property means that the electronic parts are packed in order to ensure their longevity.

The leakproof property of electronic components must be precisely controlled to prevent various gasses or specifically water vapor from damaging the electronic parts. In the leak tests performed with the pressure decay method, IP67 test parameters can be applied to all of these products that need to be resistant to dust, water or steam.

In applications where it is not desired for fluids and small particles to leak into or out of the product under various ambient conditions, leak tests should be performed using the pressure decay method. Leak test is a non-destructive testing method (NDT) that can be applied to all products that come off your production line, leaving no room for errors. With ADLEMA BT4000 Series Leak Testing Machines, you can perform leak tests in line with your production needs.

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Products we test

Military Vehicle

Fire extinguisher equipment

refrigerant pipes

cooling systems

fuel and engine blocks

vehicle headlights

vehicle cameras and electrical circuit boxes


Cameras and other optical systems

electronic components that must have hermetic properties


circuit boxes




electrical circuit boxes

radio boxes

hermetic parts


Aircraft engines

fuel transfer pipes

electronic components that must have hermetic property


circuit boxes

hydraulic parts


Optical weapon attachments

night vision systems

thermal cameras

helmet vision systems

missile heads

guidance kits

shell casings


Sealed and hermetic sensors that must operate reliably in harsh conditions

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Case Study


Sniper rifle scopes, telescopic sights, thermal cameras are equipment that are often kept and carried by soldiers in the field or in critical security facilities. These equipment, which is critical in the field, are used in tough conditions such as rain, underwater, snow or desert. These equipment, which need to work perfectly in different environmental conditions, must be leakproof. The leak test of a product is carried out in 3 stages.

Leak Test of Cast Body

Cast Bodies are sealed by systems containing pneumatic pistons and quick connectors that can be controlled with the Adlema BT 4000 series.The product must be pressurized in order to perform the leak test with the pressure decay method. The amount of pressure decay in the product during the test phase is monitored with an accuracy of 0.1 Pa, and the errors and leak rate in the cast body are checked.

Leak Test of Machined Cast Body

Damages may occur due to machining operations…