Leak Testing Machines

BT4000 – Advanced Level

Adlema BT4000 Series Leak Testing Devices use the pressure decay method with its precision that catches even the smallest leaks. It manages conveyor systems thanks to its internal PLC module, 8 externally usable inlets and 8 outlets, EtherCAT protocol and remote I/O modules. Adlema BT4000 Series Leak Testing Devices are suitable for production lines with a wide measuring range of -1, +40 Bar.

Test reports created in the desired format can be monitored remotely using IoT, transferred to a computer with USB and analyzed in Excel format.
It is designed in a flexible structure for special applications such as vacuum tests, product function tests, moving parts tests, increasing and decreasing volume tests.
Captures even the lowest pressure differences thanks to the differential measurement method!(0.1 Pa @ 1 Bar)

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BT1000 – Standard Level

Adlema BT1000 Standard Level Leak Testing Devices using the pressure decay method operate in the measuring range of -1,+25 Bar. BT1000 devices that can test leaks caused by manufacturing defects require longer test times compared to advanced versions. Standard level testing devices, which can be preferred in applications with lower precision, are an ideal application for catching relatively large leaks.

User-friendly interface design with test programs and easily adjustable parameters thanks to its 5” color touch screen.
50% faster filling by adding ports to pre-fill test pieces in applications requiring higher speed.
With its -1,+25 Bar wide measuring range and precise measurement technology, it is suitable for testing very different products from different industries.

Case Study

Have you read our field experience in the Automotive Industry with the Next Generation Advanced Leak Testing Machine BT4000?

EP60 – IP Standards

Exposure of electronic components to dust, dirt and steam causes negative effects on products. These negative effects can manifest as corrosion, short circuits or performance problems. In order to prevent these results, leak tests of electronic products should be performed. These tests include IP67 and hermetic property tests. In applications where it is not possible to pressurize the product in pressure decay tests, the control volume outside of the product can be pressurized and the leaks between this volume and the product can be measured. IP67, IP68 and hermetic property tests can be done by using EP60- IP standards leak test kit. Working with BT4000 Series devices, the product is fast, reportable and precise.

Avoid potential performance problems by testing all products.
Get rid of the uncertainties in the water immersion method and the cost of discarded products.
Test reports created in the desired format can be monitored remotely using IoT, transferred to a computer with a USB and analyzed in Excel format.

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