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Exposure of electronic components to dust, dirt and steam causes negative effects on the products. These negative effects can manifest themselves in the form of corrosion, short circuits or performance problems. In order to prevent these consequences, leakproofness tests of electronic products should be performed. These tests include IP67 and hermetic feature tests. In cases where it is not possible to pressurize the inside of the product, the control volume outside the product is pressurized using the EP60 IP Standards apparatus and the pressure drop test is performed by measuring the leaks between this volume and the product.

Water tightness tests for products of all sizes can be performed without the need to immerse the product in water. This is achieved through the use of the EP60 IP Standards apparatus, so that the sealing properties of the products can be measured and their compliance with the standards determined. Leak tests, which are non-destructive testing methods (NDT), can be applied to all products coming out of your production line and leave no room for errors. With ADLEMA BT4000 series test devices, you can perform leakage tests in line with your production needs.

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Case Study

Hermetic Microswitch IP68 Leak Test
As an example of components that must have hermetic property, we can mention microswitches. These products are ideal for switching very low level circuits and higher currents. It has a hermetically sealed miniature case filled with an inert gas around its contacts. Since there is no inlet into which air can be supplied in such products, a different procedure must be used in order to perform the leak test using the pressure decay method. Compressed air is supplied to…