Quick Connectors

Avoid additional automation costs with Adlema CZ series quick connectors.

CZ Series Quick Connectors can seal female/male threads or straight holes from inside or outside diameters. Specially produced latex gaskets have high durability for high frequency usage. Besides sealing the product, it also includes a test port for applying test air to the product.

Thus, the product is both sealed and ready for the leak test. With the pneumatic piston or manual mechanism, you can perform the leak tests of various parts in no time without the need for additional automation costs.

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CZ-101 Quick Connectors

CZ-102 Quick Connectors

Strengths of CZ Quick Connectors

Made of quality aluminum material, CZ-102 Quick Connectors has clamping lever actuation and can seal products in seconds. 

No Automation Required

Offers High Efficiency

10 times Faster Connection

CZ-201 Quick Connectors

CZ-202 Quick Connectors

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