Quick Connectors

Avoid additional automation costs with Adlema CZ series quick connectors.

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CZ-101 Quick Connectors

CZ-102 Quick Connectors

Strengths of CZ Quick Connectors

Made of quality aluminum material, CZ-102 Quick Connectors has clamping lever actuation and can seal products in seconds.

No Automation Required

By using the CZ Series Quick Connectors, you can seal your products for leak test without additional automation costs.

Offers High Efficiency

It saves working hours by working at a very high efficiency compared to applications such as wrapping Teflon on the thread or using gaskets.

10 times Faster Connection

Specially produced flexible latex gaskets provide connection in seconds by compensating for tolerance-induced dimensional differences in the part.

CZ-201 Quick Connectors

CZ-202 Quick Connectors

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