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Leak tests are critical in the quality control of parts manufactured in the HVAC and installation industries. Manufactured parts must work for many years in systems they are installed without leaking. It is critical for the brand value of the company if products used in the installation have to be changed because they leak afterwards. For this reason, leak tests should be carried out in order to add value to the products produced and to contribute to positive brand awareness. Leak test is a non-destructive testing method (NDT) that can be applied to all products coming off your production line, leaving no room for errors. Presenting the manufactured products to the customers/market with test result reports is the most important step that will increase the added value of the product. You can test your products with ADLEMA BT4000 series test machines without using water, present them to your customers with test result reports, and perform leak tests in line with your production needs.

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Heating & Cooling Systems Leakage Tests

Boiler Leakage Tests

Liquid Cooling Systems Leak Tests

Cooling Components Leak Tests

Plumbing & System Elements Leak Tests

Plumbing Elements Leak Tests

LPG-LNG Systems Leak Tests

Pipe Leak Tests

Valve Leak Tests

Flat Entrance Unit Leak Tests

Water Meter Leak Tests

Fire Plumbing Elements Leak Tests

Measuring Equipment Leak Tests

HVAC Systems Leak Tests

Air Conditioning Systems Leak Tests

Ventilation Duct Leak Tests

Heat Pump Leak Tests

Plumbing Products Leak Tests

Bathroom, Wash Basin Accessories Leak Tests

Battery Leak Tests

Fittings Leak Tests

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