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Adlema smart leak test devices

It is an important quality control method to conduct leaks tests for all products during the manufacturing process. In this direction, you can test all products that come of your production line in seconds with the advantage of non-destructive testing offered by the ADLEMA Leak Test Product Family, which we have developed with our strong industry experience. With the non-destructive testing advantage of the ADLEMA Leak Test Product Family, which we have developed with our strong industry experience, you can test all products passing through your production line in seconds.

The worldwide trusted ADLEMA BT4000 series leak testing device is the industry leader with 98% more accurate solutions and 25% reduction in production costs, while being the right partner for safe test results.

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Meet the precision that does not miss even the smallest leaks!

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Production Cost Savings
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Why Adlema?

Work with us to carry out your leak tests under the consultancy of Adlema with our industry-leading technology and our team expert in leak testing.

High Precision

Precision that does not miss even the smallest leaks with its special measurement method and block structure.

Easily Reportable

Test reports created in the desired format can be monitored remotely using IoT, transferred to a computer with USB and analyzed in Excel format.

User Friendly

Test programs and parameters can be adjusted easily thanks to its 7″ color touch screen.

Flexible Design

It is designed in a flexible structure for special applications such as vacuum tests, moving parts tests, increasing and decreasing volume tests.

More than a Leak Test!

How it works

In the leak tests using the pressure decay method, compressed air is supplied to the control volume that we have created inside or outside the product. The test pressure is monitored with an accuracy of 0.1 Pa. Adlema BT4000 Series Leak testers automatically check the leak rate of the product. In leak tests using the vacuum method, vacuum is monitored with the accuracy of 0.1 Pa. The test result is decided automatically.


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