Who is Adlema?

Who are we?


Millions of products are produced every day in the world. Products undergo leak tests for health, quality, yield, environment, and regulatory compliance. Leak tests, using various methods, check fluid passage from outside to inside or inside to outside of a part. For more detailed information about the leak test, read our article titled “What is the Leak Testing?”. Adlema is a company that develops products for the leak testing needs of manufacturers.


The First Company Specialized in Leak Testing in Turkey: Adlema


Adlema, a TÜBİTAK 1512 project under Istanbul Technical University Arı Teknokent, specializes in leak testing solutions for various sectors in Turkey. As a partner institution, it collaborates with leading companies including Aselsan, Tübitak SAGE, Tofaş, and Eczacıbaşı. Adlema aims to reduce foreign dependency and add value to the Turkish industry through R&D and production of leak test equipment.


While developing its products, Adlema acts completely according to the needs of the industry and customers. The Advanced Level Leak Testing Device’s ability to manage automation systems was quickly appreciated and became the expert opinion trusted by more than 50 large-scale corporate companies in leak tests.


Adlema Product Tree

We can classify the products that Adlema offers according to needs as follows:


  • Leak Testing Devices


Adlema’s leak test devices, like the BT4000 series, utilize the pressure decay method to detect even minimal pressure differences (0.1 Pa). Automated and capable of managing systems, they operate in the -1 to +40 Bar range. These Advanced Level Leak Testing Devices provide remote monitoring via IoT, with test reports viewable in Excel format. For less sensitive applications, the BT1000 series Standard Level Leak Testing Devices, operating in the -1 to +25 Bar range, are also available.


The EP60 – IP Standards test apparatus is a leak test apparatus used in the leak tests of electronic components and products where the internal volume cannot be pressurized. After the product is placed in this apparatus, the pressure change of the outside area is followed.


  • Quick Connectors


There are countless products and parts that require pressure testing. This is why there is no one connector that fits all securely. With the CZ series quick connectors developed by Adlema, the products are sealed. In addition, these apparatuses have a special port for applying test air to the product.


  • Supporting Products


In addition to the main products it offers, Adlema also offers supporting product services in line with the needs of the customer. Leak Jets that you can use for daily verification of the installed system; Barcode Printer&Reader, which can work integrated with test devices and is used to stick barcodes containing parameters such as product serial number, batch number, date, time, approval/rejection on products; It offers Lazer Marking System and External Control Panel options that allow you to write test results on the products.


For more detailed information about the products, you can visit our Products page.


Services Offered by Adlema



Adlema offers end-to-end solutions to its partners’ leak testing needs. It assists the manufacturer in the entire process, from the stage of determining the need to the delivery of the device. After the delivery of the device, it continues its installation, service, training, and calibration services.




You can contact us for more information about Adlema and the services it offers.