What is Leak Testing?

Many products and parts that we use in our daily life need to pass leak tests during mass production.

Test Parameters Determination

The first and most important step is to determine the test parameters for the product while performing the leak tests of a product during the production phase.

Electric Vehicles and Leak Testing

Electric Vehicles and Leak Testing Electric vehicles have emerged because of the age of technology.  In response to the need to create a sustainable future, engines that do not consume petrol, save fuel, operate with high efficiency and silence have been designed. Electric vehicles powered by this engine and battery are preferred more and more […]

Understanding the Leak Testing Data

Leak testing devices automatically decide whether the parts are leaky according to the specified parameters. Various steps can be taken to check that the test is done correctly.

Negative Leak Rate in Leak Testing

Negative Leak Rate in Leak Testing Before delving into the causes of negative leak rate, we should first explain what negative leak rate is and how it is calculated. Negative leak rate occurs when the pressure drop of the part being tested is less than that of the leak-free reference part. Negative flow occurs when […]

IP67 and Sealed Products Leak Tests

IP67 and Sealed Products Leak Tests   In our blog post ‘Leak sealing of electronic products’, we talked about IP67 tests, hermeticity and why electronic products should undergo sealing tests. In this blog post, we will talk about the appropriate methods that can be used for IP67 leak tests for sealed products.     Ideal […]

Leak Testing of Electronic Components

Leak Testing of Electronic Components Since electronic devices are now present in every aspect of our lives, the sealing of electronic components has become increasingly significant for manufacturers. As we transition from analog technologies to systems with electronic circuit boards, we carry products like phones and smartwatches with us throughout the day, or use products […]